prepare to be assimilated


Everything was better in the old days. Every modern death metal band is trying to be more technical or more brutal than the next to the point that they lose the essence of the music. Others go so far as to mix it with other styles tainting the purity and aggression of that unmistakable early 90’s death metal sound.

With their first full length album “The Laws of Power”, to be released worldwide via SAOL on March 17th 2017, Assimilation prepares for a counterstrike. They’ll batter audiences with a healthy dose of classic death metal and thrash with none of the filler. Like a force of nature, the voice of singer and founding member Jesse
Jardine’s vocal attack leaves the listener penetrated by high shrieks, and pummeled by mid’s and lows. Lead guitarist Matt Chanway brings his neo-classical shred style into the fold to melt off any remnants of what used to be your face. Shiloh Anderson holds the low end down with his finger/slap hybrid style, and Stephen Shaw brings his experience and ferocity as the entity that keeps this juggernaut from flying off the rails.

With “The Laws Of Power”, the four Canadians make it clear: There are still bands well versed in the art of the original uncompromising death metal, something that is hard to find these days. Assimilation is going to change this – and drag everyone and everything with them on the way.


 Jesse Jardine - Guitar and Vox/ Bad stand up comedy

Shiloh Anderson - Bass/ vibrations / Garlique

Stephen Shaw - Hitting stuff/ Being Our Dad

Matthew Chanway - Lead Guitar / Teen Heart-throb



Apotheosis EP

by Assimilation