“The fact that completely unknown musicians are at work here is hard to believe when listening to the CD. Now one of the absolute death metal highlights of the year!”
Crossfire Review

“Classic Death Metal, which is far from the horrible inflationary average of the newcomers in this area. ASSIMILATION belongs to the scene of the future and follow immediately HORRENDOUS, the top of the young savages.”
— MusikReviews.DE
MusikReviews.DE Review

“If you want to revive the 90s death metal era, combined with lots of grind and brutal fragments, you need to have this album. “
Metal Underground Austria Review

“This is how I want to have my Death Metal; in the true spirit of neo-classical shred style and finger-slapping bass guitars. A really cool music experience with good production and self-confidence.”
Goregasmic Cinema Review

“This is the original Death Metal. All I hear and perceive here is a raw, reminiscent of the old time. I, as a fan of Morgoth, Massacre and Morbid Angel feel taken back decades through this sound.”
Hellfire Magazine

“If you are into aggressive late 80s / early 90s death-thrash you will not be disappointed. Assimilation are really a joyous new discovery for me and their CD will surely be in constant rotation.”
Hotel 666 Review

“What’s captured here is the sound of what can make a great live band. You can hear all kinds of influences. Suffocation, Cannibal Corpse, Ripping Corpse, It sounds like it came right out of 1990!”
— KillBot&GorGorAttack!!
Killbot & GorGor Attack Video Review

“It was really hard for me to find any conspicuous “flaws”. ASSIMILATION has produced a consistently great record, fans of Death Metal, whether oldschool or modern, will definitely find it here.”
Zephyrs Odem Review

“Debut full-length from Vancouver’s Assimilation here, who lay down no-frills old-school death metal with pleasure.”
Bravewords Review

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